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Who we are

ALeanCat is a lean, mean organization with a presence in Perth, Western Australia and New Delhi, India. Having the customer first attitude of WA, and the technical skills of India, we deliver value. Being in the local marketplace, we understand what the customer needs, and build solutions that work for you. With over 20 years of experience in integrating multiple business systems, ALeanCat stitches tailor-made solutions.

The leadership team consists of:

Ramgopal is from the business side. He has experience as diverse as customer support, supply chain management, ERP systems, business process management and change, compliance and networking. Coupled with a love for all technology, he brings a clear understanding of what it can deliver to business. He is also heavily involved in environmental and conservation issues that we face today.

Shoma has a deep insight into the Australian marketplace and is into content. She knows how to reach out to a web-based audience with content that has appeal and also makes sense. Being a writer for decades, she knows how to weave content with art into a website. An expert on SEO, she has brought several domains into top-ranked sites. Shoma is committed to many non-profit causes particularly in the healthcare segment.

Sandeep is a software professional with a passion for excellence. Having built software that served businesses before the mouse existed, he knows that business software cannot be jettisoned merely because the user interface is new. He enjoys the challenge of protecting existing software investments while delivering new functionality. Equally comfortable in a cloud environment, mainframes and in windows or linux clusters, he understands all the nuts and bolts. And how to use them appropriately.

The common theme that runs through the team - deliver value to the customer. Be it a web presence - simple or complex, integration with existing business system, or delivering a spanking new end to end solution.
ALeanCat means business.

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