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Integrate your website with your business

When clerical jobs take up management time, something is fundamentally wrong.

  • Find yourself spending time moving information across systems?

  • Have gaps in orders received on the webpage and orders in your operations software?

  • Is it an uphill task to find how many backorders are pending? Or partially fulfilled ones?

  • Need to keep your customers informed of their order status or outlook for delivery?

  • Been in a mad scramble after your client reminded you of a pending order?

If these questions strike a familiar note, you are in the right place for solutions.

ALeanCat addresses these issues by integrating multiple systems. Making them talk to each other.

Our process and technology experts put together solutions which will integrate the website to your working software. At a level which is optimal to your business. And where required, suggest cost effective changes to your existing system.

Obviously, such solutions are fully customized to suit your current software.

All at an affordable price point.

Focus on growing your business, not waste your time on trivia.

Click here to learn more about our modules or just get in touch and leave the rest to us.

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