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Ensure Business Controls

While you do need operating reports like pick slips and invoices, to run your business effectively you also need management overviews.

Your dashboard should display what is critical to your business.

Find what is running late in a unified view across projects.

Look across all customer orders to see where and when your likely shortages are.

Identify when you are likely to have a surplus and plan your campaigns before you are overstocked.

You should not have to see multiple screens to know what you need focus on. Have a single command center.

Drill down to the level of detail you want.

You do not need to be sold out before you wake up to the fact.

Your dashboard must let you look beyond the horizon for corrective action.

Personalize each dashboard. Not everyone in your enterprise needs access to everything.

If you already have such a command center, pat yourself on the back - you are way ahead of the rest.

If you have felt the need for these, click here to get in touch. ALeanCat is here to help.

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