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What We Do

We Do Build Websites

A website has just a few seconds to capture attention before the visitors move on...

You need a compelling website to convey your brand, your message. We help build it.
While some businesses need thrills and frills on their website, some others need functionality. And many fall between these extremes. ALeanCat goes as far as you want it to.

No matter what your face on the web presents, ALeanCat ensures connectivity options to use with running your operations.

Depending on your target audience, we build websites that work for you. The demographics of your market determine the choice of design, colors and layout. Your nature of operations defines the functionality provided on your site and the business connectivity.
Your website exists to complement your business, not create new difficulties for you.

Click here for a no-obligation quote. Our prices will include elements that you need to get your website up and running and will not come in piecemeal.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the value you get!

Our typical design stages

1.  We understand your goals and ideas for the website, and the competitive environment in which you operate.

2.  Your current work flows and systems currently in use for your business if you opt for connectivity.

3. Website Design and approval.

4. Process design if applicable and approval.

5. Detailed pages and structures.

6.  Data and workflow creation.

7. Template creation and page designs.

8.  Activation and handover.

Click here to set the ball rolling. Your website is just a click away.  

The homepage and beyond...

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